1 movement, 6 minutes

3fl, 3ob, 3cl, 3bn;
4hn, 3tpt, 3tbn (bs), tba;
timp, 2perc;
harp, strings.

5 March 2014
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic
Daniel Nesta Curtis, conductor
Carnegie Music Hall
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Fugue, Waltz, Canon is based on a menacing four-note theme, stated at the beginning, which seems to pervade the piece. The theme gives way, however, to a more urgent one: B-A-C-H. Bach, of course, is the reason this composer is interested in fugues and canons in the first place.

He prevails in the end, of course, as Bach always does. After a series of reversals, the piece concludes unambiguously affirming his name.

Full Score

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