3 movements, 8 minutes

I. Forlane (The Village)
II. Sarabande (Larry Kramer's Play)
III. Tambourin (The Joy)

fl, ob, cl, pno

12 November 2011
Sarah Steranka, flute; Andrew Dotterer, oboe; Katie Russell, clarinet; Stephen Murphy, piano.
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


June Dances is a trio of baroque dances which recall scenes and emotions I witnessed and felt in New York City during Gay Pride Month of 2011.

The opening dance depicts a stroll down Christopher Street on a summer’s evening, and we experience the sights, smells, and sounds.

The sarabande is a meditation on The Normal Heart, a play by Larry Kramer which chronicles the outbreak of AIDS in the United States, and which played in New York in June.

The final dance illustrates the anticipation right before the Gay Pride March. Thousands of joyous men and women clamber over police barriers to catch a glimpse of their hero, Andrew Cuomo, marching down Fifth Avenue. On this day, we are all New Yorkers.