composer, singer, music director
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Sean Salamon is a composer and singer living in New York City.

Listen to some of his music here:

Words in the Mist for soprano and chamber ensemble

An eclectic cycle of songs and vocalises with words by Alfred Starr Hamilton, an little-known 20th century American poet whose work was published mostly after his death. Hamilton was, as Stephen Sparks put it, “an austere figure at the margins of a literary culture that has little room, and even less time, for genuine eccentricities.”

June Dances for winds and piano

A series of musical illustrations of scenes from June 2011—Gay Pride Month—in New York City. The composer remembers a production of Larry Kramer's seminal AIDS play, The Normal Heart, and a deafeningly jubilant march down Fifth Avenue in the wake of the passage of same-sex marriage in the New York State legislature.

Mille regretz for violin and mixed chorus

A five-minute dramatic adaptation of the 15th-century lovesong of the same name, it was premiered by Heather Cotrell, violin, and the Munich-based choir, Via-Nova-Chor, led by Florian Helgath. In this recording, the choir sings the original song first, and the adaptation at 3:38.

Who knows for certain? for mixed choir

A setting of the creation hymn from the Rigveda for Salamon's vocal ensemble, Ping, as part of a larger work called Sacred Songs for Spacefarers.